Librarika is a powerful Integrated Library System (ILS) designed to enhance the customer experience. It offers a wide range of features to make library management efficient and effective.

Catalog Management

  • Built-in OPAC: Provide seamless access to your library's catalog and resources.
  • Smart Add: Instantly add books using ISBN from the Internet.
  • Bulk Import of Catalog Items: Efficiently import a large number of catalog items in bulk.
  • Export Catalog Items: Export catalog items for external use or backup purposes.
  • Biblio Data Integration with OpenLibrary: Seamlessly integrate bibliographic data with OpenLibrary.

Member Management

  • Unlimited Members/Patrons: Accommodate a large number of members or patrons.
  • Members/Patrons Login: Enable members to log in and access personalized features.
  • Members Access History: Track members' access history for better management and analysis.
  • Members Check-ins / Checkouts: Streamline the process of checking in and checking out library items.
  • Members Online Reservations: Allow members to reserve library items online.
  • Members Auto Join: Automate the process of adding new members to the library system.
  • Bulk Import of Members / Patrons: Add multiple members or patrons to the system at once.
  • Export Members: Export member data for analysis or integration with other systems.

Library Management

  • Unlimited Management Stuffs: Manage your library resources with unlimited flexibility.
  • Self-service Library for Small Offices: Create a self-service library experience for small office environments.
  • Multiple Branches: Manage multiple branches of your library from a single system.
  • Fees & Payments: Manage fees and payments for library services.
  • Reviews & Ratings: Enable members to leave reviews and ratings for library items.
  • Intuitive Reports: Generate comprehensive reports for better insights into library operations.
  • Email Reminders of Due / Overdue Items: Send email reminders to members about due or overdue items.

User Experience

  • Mobile Apps for Librarians: Easily scan and manage books using the Librarika Mobile apps.
  • Cost Effective: Librarika offers cost-effective solutions for libraries of all sizes. View Plans
  • Barcode Reader / Scanner Friendly: Easily integrate barcode readers or scanners for efficient library management.
  • Simple and User-friendly: Librarika provides a simple and user-friendly interface for easy library management.
  • Integration Widgets for Websites: Integrate Librarika widgets into your websites for enhanced functionality.
  • Multiple Language Supports (beta): Librarika supports multiple languages for wider accessibility.
  • Bulk Actions & Batch Updates: Update / Delete multiple library records (catalog or member) at once.
  • SSO Login: Users can login to the library using SAML2.

Upcoming Features

We are constantly working on new features to further enhance Librarika. Stay tuned for updates!