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Effective Japanese Usage Guide 
Call No: FlDic 029 
Encyclopaedia of Japan 
Call No: JapAv 004 M 
Handy Japanese 
ISBN: 4770017480 
Call No: JapCb 031 
Japanese Kana Workbook 
Call No: JapScr 005 
Kanji from the Start 
ISBN: 477001936X 
Call No: JapScr 012 
Kodansha's Compact Kanji Guide 
Call No: FlDic 026 
Kodansha's furigana English-Japanese Dictionary 
Call No: FlDic 034 
Kodansha's furigana Japanese Dictionary 
ISBN 13: 9784770024800 
Call No: JapTr 084 
Kodansha's furigana Japanese-English Dictionary 
Call No: FlDic 035 
Kodansha's Romanized Japanese-English Dictionary 
Call No: FlDic 033