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A Handbook of English Pronunciation 
ISBN: 521312957 
Call No: St 432 
A new Certificate of Proficiency English Course - Key 
ISBN: 071310113X 
Call No: Proficiency 005 
A new Certificate of Proficiency English Course with Practice and Test Papers 
ISBN: 713119225 
Call No: Proficiency 006 
Basic Listening 
ISBN: 713180692 
Call No: Lis 043 
Elementary Vocabulary 
ISBN 13: 9780340529522 
Call No: Voc 035 
Gimson's Pronunciation of English Fifth Edition 
ISBN: 340582650 
Call No: Pron 042 
Patterns of Fact Key 
ISBN: 713180927 
Call No: CsCb 281 
Practical Course of English Pronunciation 
Year: 1975 
Call No: St 708  
Strategy and Skill in Learning a Foreign Language (copy 1) 
ISBN: 340591099 
Call No: St 423 
Text to Note Key C.1 
ISBN: 713180935 
Call No: St 364