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Pocket World in Figures 
ISBN 13: 9781846685996 
Call No: Ref 317 
The Ecomonist: Generation Jobless 
Call No: Jnl 118 
The Ecomonist: Just when you thought it was safe 
Call No: Jnl 114 
The Ecomonist: The New Face of Terror 
Call No: Jnl 142 
The Ecomonist: The Weakened West 
Call No: Jnl 140 
The Economist: A billion shades of gray 
Call No: Jnl 167 
The Economist: A History of Finance in Five Crises 
Call No: Jnl 164 
The Economist: A Little Faster, George? 
Call No: Jnl 112 
The Economist: A Rough Guide to Hell 
Call No: Jnl 103 
The Economist: A web of lies 
Call No: Jnl 183