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New Standard College English Volume 1 An Integrated Course 
Call No: CsCb 352 M 
Pathways: Listening. Speaking and Critical Thinking 1(Chinese Edition) 
Call No: CsCb 355 M 
a Short guide to Writing about Chemistry 
ISBN 13: 9780205550609 
Call No: Esp 031 
ISBN: 136787312 
Call No: Esp 110 
Advanced Business Contacts 
ISBN: 130104221 
Call No: Esp 109 
Advertising and the Promotion Industry 
ISBN: 137200382 
Call No: Esp 107 
Advertising media & graphic design 
ISBN: 8886376987 
Call No: Esp 108 
An Essential A-Z of Business Law 
ISBN: 095376530X 
Call No: Esp 116 
Bank on your English 
ISBN: 80286399 
Call No: Esp 084 
Banking English 
ISBN: 1900783215 
Call No: Esp 102