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BBC Language Explorer (I CD only) 
Call No: SpaTr 068 
Tell me More Spanish Beginner Pack 
ISBN: 1893197646 
Call No: SpaTr 059 
Sonica Language Services Flashcards Pack 
Call No: SpaTr 058 
Anaya - el aula de espanol 
ISBN 13: 8421728349691 
Call No: SpaTr 054 
Todo Sobre Mi Madre (Video Cassette) 
Call No: SpaTr 020 
Katakana cards 
ISBN: 4774303127 
Call No: JapTr 110 
Bunka Intermediate Japanese 1 (cassettes for the textbook) 
Call No: JapTr 101 
Bunka Elemantary Japanese Listening tapes 1 
Call No: JapTr 100 
Bunka Elementary Japanese( recorded tapes) 
Call No: JapTr 099 
Japanese Language and People (5 90-minute cassette tapes) c.1 
ISBN: 563215305 
Call No: JapTr 098