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A Communicative Grammar of English 
ISBN: 582552389 
Call No: St 102 
A communicative grammar of English 
Call No: St 415 
A Comprehensive Welsh Grammar (1993) 
ISBN: 631164081 
Call No: Ntl 059 
A Concise Chinese Grammar 
ISBN: 7800525481 
Call No: ChiRef 006 
A Concise Course in Advanced Level Statistics with worked examples (4th edition) 
ISBN: 074875475X 
Call No: Ref 226 
A course in basic scientific English 
ISBN: 582520096 
Call No: Ess 008 
A Course in Spoken Eng:Intonation 
Call No: St 438 
A Crack in the Dam 
ISBN: 333236009 
Call No: RdUp 001 
A Creative Approach to Teaching Grammar Paperback (2014) 
ISBN 13: 9781472909022 
Call No: St 329 
A Day at the Races 
ISBN: 1755551758 
Call No: RdPre 002