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Personal: An elective course in journal writing 
Call No: CsWr 045 
Kaze no Tabi (Journey of the Wind) 
ISBN: 465110118 
Call No: JapRd 011 
Reading and Making Notes (Pocket Study Skills) 
Call No: CsRd 019 
Marie Claire (FR) June 2019 
Year: 2019 
Call No: FreMgz 055 
Giallo al Grand Hotel du Lac 
Call No: ItaRd 040 M 
Study Tasks in English Teacher's Book 
Call No: Stsk 019 
Standard Course HSK 3 Workbook 
Call No: ChiTr 027 
La collana longobardo 
Call No: ItaRd 041 M 
A Dictionary of the Maory Language 
Call No: FlDic 051 
Japanese Art Book 
Call No: JapRd 013