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Let's Explore Europe French Version 
ISBN 13: 9789279067594 
Call No: Jnl 052 
Let's Explore Europe Spanish Version 
ISBN 13: 9789279067587 
Call No: Jnl 053 
Let's Explore Europe German Version 
ISBN 13: 9789279067549 
Call No: Jnl 054 
Let's Explore Europe Polish Version 
ISBN 13: 9789279067655 
Call No: Jnl 055 
Language in Use 
Call No: Ref 105 
Languages for the World of work 
ISBN: 094800374X 
Call No: Ref 195 
Living in the Environment 
ISBN: 495125245 
Call No: Ref 300 
Life in Modern Britain 
ISBN: 582749190 
Call No: Ref 311 
Language and Culture: Reflective Narratives and the Emergence of Identity 
ISBN 13: 9780415871662 
Call No: Ref 336 
Losing an Empire, Finding a Role 
ISBN: 333442666 
Call No: Ref 387