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Use Your Dictionary 
ISBN: 019431104X 
Call No: Voc 077 
Use your Head 
ISBN: 563165529 
Call No: Novel 042 
Use your Head C.1 
ISBN: 056337103X 
Call No: Stsk 046 
Use your Head C.2 
ISBN: 563107901 
Call No: Stsk 046 
Using basic English Grammar 
ISBN: 139526560 
Call No: Gr 068 
Using Basic English Grammar - Form and Function 
Call No: St 124 
Using English Grammar 
ISBN: 139413952 
Call No: Gr 069 
Using German 
ISBN: 521315565 
Call No: GerVoc 008 
Using Idioms A Learner's Guide 
ISBN: 139395059 
Call No: St 353 
Using Newspapers in the Classroom 
ISBN 13: 9780521645263 
Call No: St 039