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A student's Dictionary of Language & Linguistics 
ISBN 13: 9780340652664 
Call No: Ref 375 
A student's Grammar of the English Language 
ISBN: 582059712 
Call No: St 414 
A Student's Guide to Japanese Grammar 
ISBN: 4469220655 
Call No: JapTr 077 
A Student's Introduction to English Grammar 
ISBN: 521612888 
Call No: St 121 
A Study dictionary of Social English 
ISBN: 80245609 
Call No: Dic 028 
A study for Topics and Skills in English 
ISBN 13: 9780340287095 
Call No: St 174 
A Suitable Boy 
ISBN: 1857990889 
Call No: Novel 003 
A Survival Kit for Writing English 
ISBN: 582710669 
Call No: Wr 095 
A Tale of Two Cities 
ISBN: 194230473 
Call No: RdInt 102 
A Tale of Two Cities 
ISBN 13: 9781405862561 
Call No: RdUp 035